New textured coating with green looks, great price…and great green.

Introducing West Wood TextureCoat™ – the newest and most versatile textured coating currently on the market. Now medium density fiberboard, particle board and almost any other substrate including plywood can be transformed and utilized in ways like never before – which gives certain other textured building products (Hint: begins with an M) a literal run for their money. Of course, a wide range of natural-looking or painted textures and colors and thicknesses are available to suit any design or whim. With West Wood TextureCoat, you can now offer infinite choices while keeping any new or retrofit project exactly on-target and on-budget.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Limitless range of textures, colors and finishes
  • Incredibly competitive pricing
  • Works on almost any substrate
  • Can be produced on one or two sides (no backer needed)
  • Available in CARB II, NAUF, NAF and FSC
  • No VOC emissions
  • Optimal panel size to reduce waste (up to 61″ wide x 121″ long)
  • Fast shipping to anywhere in the Continental US

There is much more to tell. For more information contact a West Wood Products Representative today and get your next project off to the right start with versatile West Wood TextureCoat.

Download Datasheet: