• Our high capacity paint / print line can accommodate panels up to 5’ wide and 10’ long and 1-1/2” thick.
  • We offer Oak, Cherry, Maple & Newsprint patterns. Black, White & custom colors are available.
  • Chalkboards, Dry-erase boards, and pegboards in solid colors are available on Hardboard and MDF.
  • Also available is TuffCoat UV topcoat for superior looks and durability.
  • Let us provide you with solutions to all your priming needs; interior, exterior, and edges.
  • Available substrates include FSC®, NAUF, NAF & CARB II.

TuffCoat UV System

Our proprietary finish system yields product with superior scratch, moisture and chemical resistance.

Our TuffCoat coated panels passed KCMA requirements as described below:

Test Resuls
Hot and Cold check Resistance (10 cycles) No Effect
Chemical Resistance (24 hours):
— Vinegar No Effect
— Lemon Juice No Effect
— Orange Juice No Effect
— Grape Juice No Effect
— Tomato Catsup No Effect
— Coffee No Effect
— Olive Oil No Effect
— 100 Proof Alcohol No Effect
— Mustard (1 hr) No Effect

Download Datasheets: