How Much Would You Pay For Wood if the Wood Was NewPly™ Wood?

Starting at 22 cents per square foot, it’s less than you currently pay for plywood, thanks to West Wood Products.

In 3500 B.C., the ancient Egyptians invented plywood.
In 2012 A.D., West Wood Products improved that development with the latest innovation – NewPly™

A revolution in Stainable Print technology, NewPly™ is replacing expensive hardwood plywood in cabinets, furniture and displays throughout the industry.

NewPly™ panels are sealed, reducing finishing time, sanding and cost. Additionally, NewPly™ can be “stained” with water base stain, UV, lacquers, spray or roll coat, just as easily as convention plyood with virtually identical results.

It took over 5,000 years to upgrade plywood. NewPly™. It was worth the wait.


  • Less expensive than plywood
  • Can be produced up to 61″ wide and 121″ long
  • Lower VOC paint makes it a greener alternative
  • Can be manufactured on FSC®, NAUF, NAF & CARB II substrates
  • Color and grain pattern can be custom made for improved match
  • Less steps in the finishing process
  • Can be used alongside veneers and lumber utilizing the same finish
  • Consistent color and grain patterns from panel to panel

Download Datasheets: